Hi, I’m Elyssa, a
UX/UI designer.

I work as a Senior User Experience Designer at Verizon Wireless, based out of Brooklyn, NY.

I design experiences for Verizon Wireless’s e-commerce experiences.

My working style

When it comes to building products, I take the “path of least resistance” approach. Once I grasp the problem thoroughly, I prioritize actions that yield maximum results and keep the experience simple.

What I’m good at

The opportunity to take a concept into a product is my daily motivation. Drawing from my experience as a former fashion technical designer, I’ve seamlessly transitioned from developing garments alongside production managers and factories to crafting digital experiences in collaboration with product owners and engineers. 

Behind the scenes

In my spare time you will find my hosting the podcast, Life After Tech Bootcamp, and working on my goal of running a half marathon in each state.