Mobile and Home Rewards 2.0

Launched in June 2022, I optimized the Verizon wireless checkout experience so that customers can easily enroll in the Mobile and Home Rewards program.

Verizon’s Mobile + Home Rewards program allows customers, who have either Verizon wireless service or Fios internet, to enroll in the other service with a discount on that services plan. 


Me + Plan selection designers + Experience managers


Lead designer. I optimized the process of enrolling existing Fios customers in the Mobile + Home Rewards program within the Verizon wireless shop flow.


2 months from concept to final pass off


To increase Fios internet users among existing wireless customers.



Simplify the enrollment process and create a compelling proposition value within the checkout flow.


My Process

Problem Statement


of Fios internet customers are also wireless subscribers.

How can Verizon convert more Fios internet customers to Verizon wireless customers?

What is the current experience?

With the experience manager and my manager, we conducted an audit of the current enrollment pain points.


How can we reduce these pain points?


Customers entry points.

In order to enroll, the customer must authenticate themselves as a Fios customer (i.e. enter their login and password). 

I identified 3 entry points where the customer can enroll into the savings program. 


Message Positioning

Withing the three entry points, I identified the best places to display program’s savings so that customers know they are enrolling in the program.

Since this savings is tied to the wireless plans, the discount messaging is placed next to the price of the plan.  The messaging for the plan selector page was handled by the plans team.

Entry Point 1

If a Fios customer is already authenticated, they will see the discounted plan pricing on the plan selection page as well as the discount in their shopping cart.

Entry Point 2

If a Fios customer is not authenticated and they enter a zipcode in a Fios-eligible area, a modal will appear asking them to enter their login information to see the programs discounts.

Entry Point 3

If a Fios customer chooses skip authenticating themselves , they will not see the reduced plan prices at all during the sales flow. They will still be able to enroll in the program from the order confirmation page if they chose an eligible wireless plan.

Fios login modal spot test.

The Fios log in modal was designed specifically for this experience. For the modal to populate, the customer must verify that they are a new customer and live in a Fios eligible zip code.

How is this criteria determined? After a non-logged in customer adds a device to their cart, they are asked if they are a new customer and if so, they are asked for their zipcode.

However, our research shows us that the majority of customers think a Verizon wireless and a Fios account are the same – they aren’t. If a Fios-only customer is asked “Are you a new or existing customer?”, which option would they choose?

I ran a spot test to answer this question.

Since 12/14 of testers miss-represented themselves, we discussed two options.

1. Change the copy of the modal to enable the customer to make the correct choice.
2. Allow customers to log in with their Fios credentials on the wireless page.

Changing the copy of the modal would mean changing the copy for every new customer for all flows throughout the website. The second option was the easiest to impliment.


1 week after launching, Verizon saw an improved close rate for Fios customers taking advantage of this savings program.